What type of tent do I need?

Pole tents - have interior centre poles and no metal structure supporting the fabric. -require 4-6ft around the outside to accommodate the stakes.
Frame tents - have a metal framework supporting the fabric and no interior centre poles, requires 1-2ft around the outside to accommodate the staking. Both of these tent styles are suitable for many events.

Do I need permission for a tent?

Check online city and rural municipalities to determine necessary permits and inspections. We can arrange a structural engineer to inspect larger tents, when necessary. We provide tent specifications in order to obtain tent permits. Fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs and battery back up lighting kits are available to satisfy safety requirements for larger events.

Do I need underground locates?

The law dictates that all underground utilities/threats be identified and marked prior to tent setup. A free service is provided, click on on1call to request locates. Locates should be requested two weeks prior to erection of the tent. Frequently, the tent company will complete locates for the customer.

What ground surfaces are suitable for tents?

Tents can be erected on grass, gravel, asphalt, and even cement. Depending on the size of tent, stakes are pounded in from 2.5-3.5ft. Sometimes holes are drilled that will be later repaired. Water barrels may be used to anchor small tents.

How do I reserve a tent?

A reservation and deposit will provide you with the security that you need. Phone the office or send an email. A rental agreement will be emailed with a 35% deposit calculated. The remainder is due upon setup.

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